Blueberry Power Smoothie




  • 170g (1 cup) frozen blueberries
  • 500g (2 cups) EasiYo Blueberries and Cream yogurt
  • 400 ml (1.5 cups) milk   
  • 2 bananas     
  • 1 tsp orange zest
  • ½ cup Hubbards Hot or Cold Ancient Grains & Coconut (or another grainy cereal or muesli)


A pretty fruity smoothie filled with goodness. A great afternoon tea pick-me-up to share with friends.              

Layer all ingredients in the blender and whizz until evenly coloured and smooth. Serve chilled topped with orange zest and extra fresh or dried blueberries.



You can use any of the fruit and cream style EasiYo yogurts and pair it with frozen or fresh fruits too.


Conversion: 1 metric cup = 250ml. 1 Tbsp = 15g.

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