Five apps to keep you organised

Five apps to keep you organised

At EasiYo, we’re all about making life easier. From easy-to-prepare homemade food to decluttering your home, simplicity is our mantra. But how do you simplify life when it’s bursting at the seams with appointments, kids sports, the weekly grocery shop, errands, gifts to buy, events to organise and a million other to-do’s?


That’s where the O word comes in: Organisation. Keeping life organised not only helps you get things done on time, it helps you keep a clear and calm state-of-mind.


Today’s smart technology has an abundance of solutions for staying organised. Of course, the key to success is consistency. So whether you’re thinking of using an app or prefer a good old fashioned calendar on the pantry door, our advice is to find an approach that works for you and stick with it.


For those on the hunt for a high-tech helper, we had our EasiYo team try out a bunch of free, globally available apps. These were our five faves:


Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do bills itself as “a smart daily planner” and we wholeheartedly agree! With both desktop and mobile versions and the ability to share lists with family and friends, this app is simple to use (tick!) and helpful for staying on top of your tasks. With the ability to set reminders and organise your to-do’s into categories, we found it a great way to make the most of each day.



Simplicity at it’s beautiful best. MinimaList is a simple, integrated to do list and task manager that helps you get things done. We found it extremely intuitive and easy to use from the get-go, with further functionality becoming clear as you use the app. Plus, you can change fonts and colours to your liking, which was a bonus for the creative types among us!



Todoist promises to take you from ‘overwhelmed’ to ‘on top of it’, so you can focus your energy on the right things in life. It’s a fairly extensive planner complete with a to-do list system, reminders, shareability, subtasks, document and email integration. With so much functionality, it’s an all-in-one tool to help you manage homelife, worklife or even a small business.  



OurHome tackles the task of keeping the whole family organised (no easy feat)! It’s a gamified task system where family members earn points as they complete their tasks and chores. Remember star charts? OurHome is a bit like that, but offers a tonne more functionality like grocery lists, synced calendars, personalised lists and more. With its cute yet simple design and fun reward system, it’s a great way to keep your whole family humming.


Smiling Mind

Okay, so this one isn’t exactly about staying organised. But it will help you keep a clear mind and that’s often half the battle! Smiling Mind is a free, not-for-profit mindfulness app, developed by psychologists and educators to help bring balance to people’s lives. With a heap of tailored content (adults, youth, mindful eating, better relationships etc) it’s sure to help you find your sense of calm. Take ten minutes to give it a go, and trust us, you won’t look back.


We hope these apps help with your life organisation - and remember to add making yogurt into your calendar to make sure you have fresh, yummy yogurt whenever you need it!


*These apps aren’t affiliated with EasiYo – we just thought they were great and that you’d like to know!