Westland Milk Products

As a business that was created in New Zealand, we are super proud to say that we remain today a ‘wholly owned’ New Zealand business. We are owned by Westland Milk Products who are situated on the stunning west coast of New Zealand’s South Island.  For almost 150 years, generations of families have been dairy farming the west coast and living the Westland Milk Products values. Westland are proud of their past. The courageous decisions and pioneering spirit of previous generations have shaped Westland. Today, Westland are a successful, independent, entirely dairy farmer-owned business.


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Certification & Compliance

We are in the business of manufacturing food consumed by people like you. Your trust in us and our product is why we exist. As a producer of food, our commitment to you is our food will always be produced to the highest quality and that our claims about our yogurt are founded on fact. As evidence of this commitment, we hold a variety of certificates that show we are compliant to the respective food manufacturing regulations for the markets where we distribute. See below to find out more about the food production certificates we currently hold and the compliance requirements we adhere to.


BRC Certificate EasiYo UK

BRC Certificate - Ornua